“…Highly recommended…”
“…proactive approach…”
“….achieve results in a very short time…”
“….we will not face any last minute surprise….”
“….always makes sure that we have in time alternative solutions….”
“…..advice is clear, concise and to the point which is appreciated when dealing with matters on a tight deadline….”
“….took control of things, the issues were resolved within a very short time and with the results we required…”
“….true professional and I would recommend his services to others….”
“….difficult transaction was undertaken with diligence and efficiency ensuring the whole process was completed smoothly…..”
“…..certainly one of the best lawyers I have worked with in my 20+ years career….”
“…fantastic business acumen and genuine enthusiasm…”
“….creativity and foresight…”
“…experience and confidence…”
“…genuinely lovely person…”
“…well-thought legal advice and is highly professional…”
“…well-regarded legal counsel in Shari’ah compliant structures…”
“…hard working and his attention to detail is incredible…”
“…an excellent legal advisor…”
“…serious and reliable…”
“…very high moral standards…”
“…profound knowledge of Sharia’a Compliant Finance…”
“…dedication and persistence…”
“…particularly effective negotiator…”
“…great strategic grasp…”
“…significant presence…”
“…tirelessly working to deliver as much as was possible…”
“…very diligent, energetic and innovative….”
“….very focused on the issue in hand with strong commercial results for the business….”
“…an asset to any organization….”
“…highly recommended…”

Siraj Al Islam
Managing Partner

Our team is managed by our Managing Partner, Siraj Al Islam, a highly rated legal advisor and recognised expert in Islamic Project Finance and Restructuring.

Throughout his career, Mr. Islam has been called upon on to provide comprehensive legal counsel in business relations, negotiations, and litigation and work on complex corporate transactions such as M&As, JVs, and divestitures.

As one of the youngest General Counsel’s to be appointed by ISS, a global leader in outsourcing, Mr. Islam has been recognised for his innovation and legal leadership by clients and leading industry publications.

At ISS, he was engaged to setup and manage the legal services department of the company.

During this time he managed the integration of 70 companies into relevant sector specific businesses, provided risk assessments for company directors, defined terms and conditions for contracts and compliance manuals, and implemented policy improvements that saved millions of pounds.

Since his early success at ISS, Mr. Islam has made several notable contributions in the realm of litigation, corporate representation.

Examples include:

  • Completed Ijara-based Islamic finance documents for multimillion/multibillion-dollar projects and managed eight-figure revolving/term lines of credits.
  • Worked as Lead Project Assistant on one of the UK’s largest PFI projects in the waste sector.
  • Served clients and worked on projects that span a wide-range of industries, including petrochemical, fast food business, construction, oil & gas, renewable energy, financial, and healthcare.

In his current role at One 2 One Legal, Mr. Islam heads a boutique law firm established to provide high quality legal counsel on local market price dynamics, specifically on client relationship demand. In this capacity, he has already cultivated strong relationships with international investment banks and structured business agreements that span several Middle East countries.

Mr. Islam is a Solicitor of the Senior Court of England & Wales and earned his LLB (Hons), Law from the University of Hertfordshire as well as his Masters in Advanced Legal Practice from the University of Westminster.


Our services is built on the core values of honesty, integrity, trust and mutual respect. whatever the nature of your business we hold these ideas as integral to our vision.We fully appreciate and understand our success is dependent on you being successful and accordingly, our aim is to work with you in partnership, and for us to mutually share in each others success.